Last night, Lubbock City Council voted unanimously to ban synthetic drugs. Take a look at news coverage of the event and even hear from the mother who started it all- Gina Johnson.


Legal marijuana and other synthetic drugs have now been banned in Lubbock as voted on unanimously last night by the Lubbock City Council.

One thing that seemed a bit backwards to me, though, was that even people who WANT the legalization of marijuana are AGAINST the use of synthetic drugs. Marijuana is a plant and it's effects are caused by natural elements from the plant source.

Synthetic drugs and legal marijuana's effects are caused by chemicals; chemicals that ARE addicting and damaging to the body. In this regard, users are literally poisoning their bodies willingly and legally.

Lubbock City Council has ended that in Lubbock as of last night, though. As mentioned before, the vote was unanimous and the ban will be in effect in 30 days. After that it will be a Class C misdemeanor to be caught guilty of using, selling, or distributing the synthetic drugs.

This is NOT an all encompassing ban. The council was only focusing on certain chemicals this time, but folks are glad for the first step.

Are glad this ban is in place here in Lubbock?