Our lost pet of the day is an adult female St. Bernard mix maybe?  It is hard to guess the breed on this girl.  Regardless she was picked up by our officers from the cold on February 3rd on 114th street.  She is mostly white on the body with brown patches on her eyes and some black on her head as well.  If you know her owners, please let them know she is safe at the shelter and waiting on them to pick her up.

Please remember, untagged stray animals are only held for 3 business days due to space limitations.  Tagged animals are held for 10 business days.  It pays to tag and microchip your animals!  Adoption animals are held until they find a home.

Each animal you adopt saves two lives….the one you adopt and the one that replaces it in adoptions.

Lubbock Animal Services, 401 N. Ash 806-775-2057