Our lost animal of the day is quite the looker but we are unsure of breed. He has course wire hair like some of the terriers but size and characteristics of the toy breeds.  We do know this little guy should not be roaming the streets.  He is in Stray Dog 9 if you think you recognize him. Read More about this lost pet after the jump.

If you have lost an animal, the Shelter should be the first place to check.  It is important to physically come and check the kennels because only YOU can positively identify your animal.

Please remember, untagged stray animals are only held for 3 business days due to space limitations.  Tagged animals are held for 10 business days.  It pays to tag and microchip your animals!  Adoption animals are held until they find a home.

Each animal you adopt saves two lives….the one you adopt and the one that replaces it in adoptions.

Lubbock Animal Services, 401 N. Ash 806-775-2057