SPARTAN, a local taxpayer watchdog/political group here in Lubbock, is fed up with LP&L over what they describe as "over $30 million in hidden utility taxes, proposed very expensive problematic smart meters, overcharging for water usage, billing and customer service problems and continued excessive storm water charges," according to an email obtained by

The meeting/protest is to be held at Lubbock City Hall on Monday, November 14 at 6:30 p.m.

The aforementioned email, sent from Mikel Ward, head of SPARTAN, also states that "this meeting is a rare opportunity to get your concerns addressed" and that "several LP&L and City officials & up to three City Council members there to listen to customers and answer questions."

Many Lubbockites feel that their LP&L bill is outrageous. However, LP&L disputes that claim on their website with an infographic that shows that LP&L is lower compared to many other Texas energy providers. The infographic notes that the data is sourced from a nonbiased entity and that LP&L is below the Texas average. It's important to note that the infograph does not include taxes.

Regardless of whether you believe in the veracity of the infographic, a $300 bill for a three-bedroom house this summer was pretty hard for at least this Lubbockite to swallow. And it appears that at least some of the issues SPARTAN has with LP&L are not just bill amounts, but also an alleged lack of transparency and new equipment that could be implemented in the future.

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