The holidays fell to our good fortune, on weekend dates and if you're planning to get out this weekend and want to start early, phenomenal fiddler Tina Turner and her band, the Midnite Express, are set for Buffalo Wild Wings on South University Friday night. Manny Rodriguez plays some smooth jazz Friday at Triple Js in the depot. Wade Parks and friends perform Friday at T and As at 25th and Texas. And of course Saturday is going to be filled as there are a number of clubs and venues offering New Year's Eve parties. But here are a few of my personal mentions for fun Saturday night. At Triple J's Chophouse and Brew Company in the Depot, Kenny Maines is performing from 7-10 New Year's night so you can get enjoy some great music and get home before the witching hour. Or if you really want to party, check out the happenings at the Overton Hotel where Elvis T. Busboy and the Blues Butchers are steering the party until 1pm. Plenty of great music there. But you may opt to stay home and watch the festivities on television. It's the 40th Anniversary of the Dick Clark Countdown Show. Or Fox network is offering "American Country New Year's Eve". Wherever you are, hope you enjoy ringing in another year.