Country music super group Sugarland has won almost every possible award the genre has to offer. They have also been written about and their songs are constantly being play on the radio. So you would think there is nothing you wouldn't know about them.
Well, I've come up with some tasty unknown facts about the group's Jennifer Nettles that you might find interesting.

Jennifer Nettles, besides loving to sing and act, she loved being a majorette in her high school band.

Nettles started her first group while in college called "Soul Miner's Daughter". (I wonder if Loretta Lynn knows about this.)

One of the first songs she wrote was titled, "He Couldn't Give Up the Bottle So She Had to Give Back His Name". Now that's country!

Did you know that Jennifer was married at one point? She was a younger girl and he was a club owner. “I’m from the South, and if you’re not married early, it’s off to the convent,” said Nettles in an interview.

Three things that are a must for her on the road, a pair of "broken-in jeans", Listerine Quick Dissolving Strips, and light makeup that doesn't run when on stage.

Did you that Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are not even from Sugarland, Texas? They actually got their name from an acquaintance who was from Sugarland.

Nettles loves seafood, especially scallops and marinated sea bass.

And finally, Bon Jovi was supposed to sing the song "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" with Keith Urban. Jennifer Nettles stepped into Urban's part because it was decided that a female voice would sound better with Bon Jovi.

The song went to number one on Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart and also won a Grammy. Check it out.