Some of you might not have known that this latest is Little Big Town's FIFTH album, but boy have they hit the jack pot with it!

Little Big Town's quartet of singing souls has finally struck gold with their fifth album, 'Tornado'. The album's title-track is just newly released and the group is hoping for it to take off and soar as well as their last hit off the album, 'Pontoon'.

In an interview on the, the group talked about how appropriately named the album is in relation to it's making.

"The process [of making the album] also kind of felt like a storm. Fast and furious and overwhelming and quickly gone. It feels like there's a really good storm brewing in our camp. Something that comes through every once in a while and it's really good, but it's powerful and just a change in the air twirling around. It's a tornado in a good way."

Whatever they did, it surely has worked and, up here at the station, we can't wait to get more of it! Congrats to the group on their success!

Promoting their new release, catch Little Big Town on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday!