Little Big Town is taking a step away from the summer anthems to give a more dramatic and powerful side to their music dynamics with their new single, 'Your Side of the Bed'. Watch the new music video as two of the members portray it all in an emotional performance.

No doubt they had to take this route with the video. It's too easy, yes, but the job that Karen and Jimi do, acting-wise, is spot on for the song!

I can just hear the director saying to them, "Invision something has happened. Things are NOT good, but you still both have the yearning for each other, but won't reach out because of your insecurity of what the other is thinking."

We saw something similar to this video at the 2013 ACM Awards when Little Big Town performed this song live for the very first time. It was a cool show that many of you raved about here!

Time to see the new video! Let us know what you think about it by commenting below! The very last scene is what got me the most....