In honor of three quarters of a century of ringing the Victory Bells, you'll be able to hear them from the Administration Building on Tech campus once again Monday. And it's kind of sweet since Tech beat New Mexico so bad on the football field in Albuquerque Saturday. That final score was Tech 59, Lobos 13. The bells are traditionally rung for thirty minutes after every victory for a Texas Tech athletic team. There are only a privileged few who have the authority to ring the bells. That honor goes to the Saddle Tramps and the High  Riders. The bells were a gift to Texas Tech and the first time the bells were heard was after Texas Tech's win over Texas Wesleyan, 26-7, on Sept. 19, 1936. Monday is September 19 and it's been 75 years and Texas Tech will celebrate. Be listening between 2:50 and 3:05 p.m.