Most of us remember Harry Morgan as Colonel Potter on the long-running CBS television series, M.A.S.H. In fact the role won him a Best Supporting Actor Emmy. But he did an enormous amount of work in films and on stage as well. Morgan died at the age of 96 Wednesday morning at his home in Los Angeles. This site says he was born Harry Bratsberg, but changed it to Henry Morgan as his acting career began. He later changing his first name to 'Harry' because another actor already claimed 'Henry'. Harry Morgan  alternated between television and movies, starting his television career with "December Bride" in the 50s. His movie credits include "The Glenn Miller Story", "High Noon" and "How the West Was Won". But it was M.A.S.H.'s Colonel Potter that we loved. Television show writers brought him in to replace another character, Col. Henry Blake, a rather off-centered lovable commander. Morgan's strict military presence differed and boosted ratings. Here's a scene from one episode of M.A.S.H. that shows his acting brilliance.