Because of the government's failed war on drugs, proponents of legalizing marijuana say states could lead the way to legalize and regulate the weed. An organized effort, called "New Approach Washington" pushes an initiative and are gathering signatures in order to take it to the state legislature and then finally to the voters. The group has high profile supporters such as former U.S. Attorney John McKay, along with Robert Wood,the former director of HIV/AIDS Program for Public Health, and Mark Johnson, the former Washington state Bar Association President. Citing the similarity with the Prohibition Era, one backer says, "If people say we're ready to try a rational approach to marijuana laws, the federal government has to take notice." Polling in Washington state say 53% of people favor legalizing grass. Now, I put the question to you, "Are You In Favor Of Legalizing Marijuana?" Yes or No. Bet Toby Keith says "Yes!" Check out this video.