The members of Lady A have finally announced the release date for their highly anticipated album, 'Golden'. Lots of buzz is going on about this the studio project and fans are beside themselves with excitement!


Lady Antebellum's new album is set to release on May 7th!

This is Lady A's 4th studio album and with the success of their first released single, 'Downtown', we can only speculate great things from the rest of the album.

This morning (2/19/13) Lady A performed the album's title track and later talked about the new material that's to come. With the mood of 'Downtown' setting the tempo for listeners for the rest of the album, they are definitely going to have tons of folks lined up to buy it!

"Well, our last couple of records were pretty serious in it's subject matter. We definitely made a conscious effort to make more of a 'roll down your windows' type of record" Charles Kelly said in the interview. Hilary added, "There's a whole new sass to this album!"

Look forward to the new album from Lady A on May 7th! Until then, enjoy their Behind the Scenes Video for 'Downtown'!