Lady Antebellum's new album is coming out next month! So far 'Downtown' has been an ACE IN THE HOLE for Lady A, but the way they talk up this new song has definitely got me itching to get my hands on this new album!

Lady A TV on YouTube is one of my favorite examples of why Country stars are the best. What other genre of music puts themselves out there for fans to enjoy and connect with in BECAUSE THEY WANT TO and not just to make a buck? NONE.

So catching up on my Lady A TV recently, I came across some good stuff that you need to hear! They have revealed details and sat down to talk with us about a new song coming out with their new album called 'Goodbye Town'. The new album, 'Golden', is coming out next month and the way they talk up this new song, I CANNOT WAIT TO OWN IT!

Charles calls this new tune his favorite song 'production-wise' off of the entire album and Hilary nicely compliments Charles by saying, 'He sings the crap out of it!'

Check out the sneak peek! and don't forget to comment what you think!