LOVE THIS GIRL! Texas Country's most prominent female artist, Kimberly Dunn, graced us with her presence once again this morning and we had tons of fun! Click inside to hear music news about her new album and to find out what tha heck The Google Game is!


Kimberly Dunn will be playing TONIGHT (06/14) at The Office Grill and Sportsbar along with Rosehill. Kimberly goes on at 10pm so head out early and take all your friends!

This is the best job ever. I get to hang out with cool artists like Kimberly and find out juicy details to share with you guys!

So SEPTEMBER is when you need to be on the look out for Kimberly's Album! She gave us all here at BlakeFM an exclusive listen to her song Promise Me You Dance and we played a game we invented this morning called THE GOOGLE GAME!

Give it a listen to now!