'Webisode' series are turning into the internet's next big thing and Kevin Fowler has taken advantage to give fans a peek into his life and enjoy a good time or two with him!

You read that correct! Kevin Fowler is now starring in 'Kevin Fowler TV'!

Fans should get particularly excited about this because not every celebrity is cool enough to give you the inside track on all their good times like this.

I, for one, enjoy seeing things like this. It helps everyone take comfort in the fact that they are following and supporting a genuine artist who appreciates and wants to include their fans.

Kevin Fowler has been out this week promoting his new single "Here's To Me and You" and, of course, his new episode, "Gettin' Muddy".

You can see the new episode below and, if Kevin Fowler TV is news to you, you can see all of his episodes at Kevinfowler.tv!