He didn't do it up fancy like his fellow Country Stars. There's no tease music video trailer for 'Pirate Flag'. There is only an explanation and a date...TONIGHT!

Kenny Chesney believes for his 'No Shoes Nation' this new song is definitely a song they can all rally around.

'Pirate Flag' will officially be everywhere on the internet by Friday Feb. 8th after it becomes available all across the Vevo platform.

Kenny Chesney says on his own website that,

"What people might not realize about a lot of the 'babes' in this video... is those are my friends, girls I know from the island who did the very thing this song is about - and that freedom from what's expected just makes them shine," Chesney says. "I think there's a little bit of 'Ferris Bueller' in all of us, and this song is all about who we'd be on a perfect day where we just said, 'Forget about it!' So, that's what we tried to capture."

It sounds EXACTLY like the kinda song Blake and I can get into! Be listening for it to hit your speakers soon!