Web surfing is not always a bad habit in my opinion. It's how you discover new things and come across cool articles and videos like this one! Kenny Chesney talks about his thoughts and feelings on his new song, 'El Currito Place'.


On Kenny Chesney's most recent album, he did his take on Charlie Robison's song, 'El Currito Place'.

What's interesting in the commentary video is that Kenny admits that he wasn't ready earlier on in his career to take on this song, but now feels he's at place where he can and does understand it better.

Performing the harmonies with him on this song is Grace Potter. (You know her from the duet they sing  together: 'You and Tequila'.

In the video he makes this comment about having her on singing with him for this song:

"Grace brings that raw emotion out and it's just one of my favorite songs that I've recorded in a while and it's a very unique song." 

If you didn't know that this was a remake of Mr. Charlie Robison's song, then you're in luck! We've included the original musical video, too!