'Don't Rush' is the 2nd single release off of Kelly's first Greatest Hits Album and it is instantly infectious! Give it a listen once and I promise you'll be humming it all day long!

Kelly Clarkson has teamed up with Vince Gill for her 2nd single release off of her Greatest Hits Album. The duo sings a song called, 'Don't Rush'.

This is one of those songs I would describe as a day dreaming when you listen to it and swaying while you sing along, feel good kind of love songs.

It definitely has a little bit of an old school love song feel to it, too, with the guitar riffs and the strings in the background. Almost sounds like a touch of the 'Temptations' are in there. Vince Gill's voice was the perfect choice to add in there, too!

Whichever way you would describe it, I'm confidant most will just call it a good song!

Hear it here first!