WHOO-HOO!!!! Country has another show competition title to be proud of as Kellie Pickler and her partner, Derek Hough, win this season of Dancing with the Stars! Watch their last performance that brought one judge to tears. They truly earned the title this year!

Derek and Kellie have been front running competitors ALL season long. From the start, it's been obvious these two would be near or at the top in the end. Now they can proudly boast of their accomplishment of winning it all!

Derek and Kellie's final dance- the Super Free Style dance, was the LAST DANCE that audiences saw before voting for the final time. After the first night of finals and coming in second behind Val and Zendaya, they knew this dance would count and boy did they make it count!

One judge cried, one judge gave them a standing ovation, and the last called it a dance of 'spell-bounding beauty, a true contemporary work of art!'.

Well, don't take my word for it, see for yourself!!!!