Kellie Pickler is a happily married woman now and says she's deeply in love with her husband of one year. Kellie eloped with Kyle Jacobs in January of 2011 but that didn't affect her music career. In fact with Kyle being a songwriter, giving them a lot in common, it's probably cemented it even further.

She tells this site that because of her happy marriage she has a hard time relating to cheating songs. "It's so wild to sing cheating songs and, you know, the heartbreak songs because I'm so happy. For the first time in my life, I'm actually...when I say I'm happy, I really am happy. I have a man that loves me. My husband is my best friend, and he's so good to me.

So, to get onstage and sing songs like 'Best Days of Your Life' and 'Long as I Never See You Again'--which is a new song on the new album, '100 Proof'--it does kinda take you back. You kinda have to mentally go back to that place and time of when you wrote that song and be that character almost."

Here's Kellie singing one of the fabulous cheatin' songs.