There will be plenty of buzz going on about one of America's favorite TV Shows, Dancing with the Stars, right now. I'm not here to give you updates on scores and stats. All I want to accomplish with this post is to share how AWESOME Kellie Pickler did on last night's performance.

I'm not a TV watcher because I just don't have time. Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you! But yesterday while I was cleaning and doing the whole laundry thing, I had channel 28 on in the background and DWTS came on and Kellie Pickler's performance was so incredible, I have to share the video!

She's such a natural! It was so impressive to watch her and her dance partner Derek Hough dancing together. From what I could tell, these two are definitely at the front of the pack in the race to be the next winners.

The video of last night's performance is just below- don't skip ahead! Watch it from start to finish to see what I'm talking about! In practice, Derek throws things at her that she's never seen or done before. Seeing the difficulties she has before and then seeing the finished product makes it that much more impressive! Go Kellie!