The DWTS reigning champs dance together once again, but this time it's on record and for history to keep! The beautiful and very intimate new music video for Kellie Pickler's new song, 'Someone Somewhere Tonight' is just inside for you!

'Someone Somewhere Tonight' is one that's going to pull on your heart strings. The stories the lyrics tell are just more reasons of why I love Country music so much. It's true, poetic, and Country truly brings to life all of the rays of human emotion to life in all kinds of genuine and creative ways.

Our reigning champs from this past season's Dancing with the Stars are teamed up in Kellie's newest music video and the way they dance proves that you don't have to be intimate to be intimate. The pair says it all with dance moves and body language.

I'd be jealous if I were Derek's wife.... but on the other hand, these two dance SO WELL together, it's beautiful!

check it out: