Nicole Kidman has finally been able to land a film that's shooting near the house she shares with husband Keith Urban and their daughters. Kidman will star as the mother of a teenager in the thriller "Stoker" which will be released in 2012. The film centers around the teen's mourning the death of her father and she has to deal with an uncle who mysteriously show up to meet the family and people start disappearing.
Filming is being done in the city of Belle Meade which is a part of Nashville. Urban told "The Tennessean", "Obviously, a)this is where she lives and it's easier than having to uproot the kids and everything. And b) it's a great place for people to come and spend a couple of months shooting a film, and there's such a great infrastructure here for that." Because she's not half-way around the world, Urban and Kidman will enjoy being close . I think this song sums it up.