And I won't dispute that! Urban graces the cover of the country special issue of "People". He tells the magazine, "I've finally just found the right everything. The woman I'm supposed to be with and the family that I never really was sure was going to happen". He adds that on a typical day, he and his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, "will do normal things like go to the grocery store and movies and take our girl to school in the mornings; it's really nice". Now, the fact that he's just the "perfect" husband/father helps, but he's not bad to look at either. Other stars making the list were Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney and last year's top hottie for "People", Tim McGraw. Look for the special 2011 country issue of "People" on newsstands now. Here's a great live performance by the 2011 Hottest Guy in Country.