The Sturgis Bike Rally is the biggest Bike Rally known to man. So big in fact! They have a Road to Sturgis Tour that tours the Country getting people amped up for the event and this Plugged In Tour sponsored by JVC  made a stop here in Lubbock!

It’s not often you get bikes, babe, BBQ, AND the MGM Electronic Bass Lab truck all together in the same parking lot! This was an awesome event! EVERYBODY who is anybody was at this tour stop.

Big shout out going to the hard working guys at MGM on 50th and Frankford out. They spend LONG and early hours getting the speaker packed cars to show off ready for this event and without it, the tour stop would have been very different.

The BASS LAB is the big ole truck you see in the picture. They had people from CHUCKY CHEESE calling because it was THAT loud!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! Ha ha

The bike stunts were equally as impressive and the band, while not Country, still put on great performances and provided the event with great Live music.