As some of you folks have already figured out- BlakeFM is you best friend when it comes to the best New Country and Texas Country music. He's just better- on your phone, online, and now with a brand new feature for in your car!

For folks with newer tuners in their vehicles, you may have noticed a nice little feature on the screen. BlakeFM has provided you with the song and artist information to be displayed right there on your screen via RDS!

'RDS' stands for Radio Data System and in English it means if you have a newer vehicle or newer stereo system, you will now be seeing the song titles and artists on your radio display!

Sure Blake is the first and only guy in town to ALWAYS tell you the name and song title of EVERY SINGLE SONG he plays, but now for those times when you don't want to wait for the end because you love the song so much!... you can read it, too!

Hope everyone enjoys it!