Josh Kelley and his movie star wife Katherine Heigl are enjoying watching their two year old explore the world. He reassures us that they really love their little girl, Naleigh but she doesn't get to rule the roost. He's passing along some of that sternness that his father used on brother Charles Kelley("Lady Antebellum") and him.

Josh and Katherine adopted Naleigh from South Korea and one wonderful aspect was brought to their attention by the man who brought her over to the states on the plane. He told them that at only nine months old she was singing! Josh tells AOL's "The Boot", "I think she's gonna be a little singer or do something with music, because she's already got great pitch. It's amazing...I can sing any note and she will find it, and that's weird at two years old." You know, she just might sing lead if Uncle Charles starts an offshoot group. He could call it "Baby Antebellum"..then again, maybe not. Here's a great video of daddy Josh.