Last week about 700 items were auctioned off that were memorabilia from the John Wayne estate. The legendary movie actor/cowboy proves he is still is a draw. More than 5.3 million dollars was raised and a percentage will go to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. He died from that disease in 1979.

Among the items was the signature green wool beret that he wore in "The Green Berets" which sold for almost $180,000. Other hats, one from "Big Jake" and another from "The Cowboys", brought in about $120,000. It wasn't just costumes, but his driver's license, his last issued by the state of California, sold for just under $90,000. And an award, a Golden Globe for best actor in "True Grit", sold for more that $143,000. And the eye patch from that same movie went for $47,800. An eye patch! And a dirty one at that, still showing some of his makeup. But hey, it was the Duke's! Here's a scene from one of my favorite movies. Critics say the movie was Wayne's best work! Check this ending scene out and the "Wayne walk" as it goes to black. Classic!