At the ACM awards last Sunday night Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles performed with Rihanna "California King Bed" and Nettles' hair was noticeably longer. It gave Jennifer a totally new look. She said "...when you want something different, well, you just do something different and I wanted something different." (well put!) So, she had hair extensions, which can be costly and take a rather long session at the hairdresser, but are unbelievably natural-looking. Plus, I'm guessing they'd be more comfortable than a wig. Her Sugarland partner, Kristian Bush says, "You know what I love about it, is I couldn't tell who was gonna have extensions and who wasn't--Rihanna or Jennifer. Their hair both went to, like, three different lengths in, like,

a day." Here's one of my favorite Sugarland tunes and check out the hair!