Jason Aldean is known for paying homage to his Texas roots with lyrics that often include cities from the great state. So it's only fitting that his first acting job is in a film called 'Sweetwater'.

This is really exciting! Jason Aldean is going to be on the big screen!

This new film will make it's premiere this month at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT!

The plot follows:

Against the backdrop of the American Old West, newlyweds Miguel and Sarah struggle to make a living cultivating their small patch of land. Soon a much bigger struggle arises as powerful landowner and community preacher Prophet Josiah makes a play for their property. As he launches his diabolical plot to take their land, an eccentric big-city sheriff comes to town. Things soon go from bad to worse, culminating in a jaw-dropping, hell-hath-no-fury showdown.

Personally, I can't wait to see which role he's in! I've done some researching and the only character being revealed so far is Ed Harris as the Sheriff, but that's not bad news at all! Ed is also an awesome actor.

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