Much like Colt Ford’s work with Jake Owen, this new song is either gonna have people lovin’ it or HATING it. Haven’t heard it, yet? Well lucky for you it’s just inside!

Just reading comments below the video on YouTube proves my point. Fans love it or hate it. There isn’t a single in between stance.

Fans who hate it are the same that hate the Taylor Swift, barely Country songs that are now categorized in the New Country category because they’re too Country to be called anything else, but definitely do not fit just the good ‘ole Country genre.

Fans who love it, on the other hand, love the meaning of the song and love the lyrics and just plain love Jason Aldean.

Would you sing it if it came on your radio or switch it as fast as you could?

Give it a listen to and comment with your opinion on the song, we’ll be reading comments on-air soon!