I've known Jane Prince Jones since 1979 when I arrived in Lubbock from Ohio. We both worked at the old KSEL when she was working mornings and I was on in the afternoon. We now work together on the morning show on 99-5 The Bear.

Jane was first inducted into the for West Texas Terrace, honoring those who contributed to the arts here locally. The terrace was located by the original location of the Buddy Holly statue. Jane was inducted because of her work in the theater. She has done great work at the Cactus and continues to do so.

Now those inducted into the terrace are now included with those that are on the walk of fame.

It is a pleasure to work with Jane, who in my opinion, is the most talented person on stage and on the radio in Lubbock. It's just great fun to work with her and I'm honor to have her as a friend.

But one thing comes to mind. When we sign on I'll have to intro her is Jane Prince Jones West Texas Walk of Fame Member. After all that, it will be to time to sign off. Just kidding.

Congratulations Jane. You deserve it.