Jake Owen is my new favorite performer. Meet Rachel and Jeff- the newly married couple who snuck a poster in against the rules and ended up on stage with Jake Owen!

Jake Owen's hit 'Anywhere with You' was the wedding hit for Rachel and Jeff at the wedding this past February and the sign they drew up said so!

I was lucky enough to meet up with the couple of the night after the show and talk to them a little bit about the experience. Just talking to them even made ME giddy all over again for them!

Facebook- Jake Owen in Lubbock

If you were there then you know how it went down, if not:

Jake Owen is up on stage singing and he points out into the crowd at a couple with a sign and you can read his lips asking, "What's it say?" Well from the picture you can see they wanted to meet him and sure enough! He read the sign and told them to 'Come here'!!! His security staff escorted them up on stage and they got to meet him! Not only that- but he also serenaded them while they danced. Now being on stage, it's hard to hear so when Jeff didn't know he was supposed to be dancing, Jake jumped in and started dancing with Rachel for him! ha ha! oh it was so much fun to witness and even more overwhelming for them to actually have it happen to them!

Jake even started calling Rachel 'Vicki'??? not sure where he got that from and when I asked her about it she happily responded, 'I don't know, but I don't even care!' ha ha Jeff also enlightened me that they were not even supposed to have that sign with them! USA Staff told them to throw it away before they went in and they snuck it in anyways. Look what good fortune happened because of it! THEY MET JAKE OWEN! How cool is that?

It was a great night and I think Jake stole the show. He jumped off stage at another point and ran up into the crowd. He was awesome!