First of all the weather cooperated pretty well. It may have been a little warm at JAB Fest 2016, but the wind was calm, it didn't rain and everyone was having a great time.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to not only introduce Kaitlin Butts, but spend some time talking to her in person backstage. We talked about her time in Round Top, Texas with the Junk Gypsies, who I'm a big fan of! They had a show on HGTV and are coming back with one on GAC in January I believe. Definitely looking forward to it.

Kaitlin Butts at JAB Fest 2016 (Photo: Khris Poage)

Kaitlin had the opportunity to perform on their porch and said that Amie and Jolie were really great. I would love to organize a road trip to Gypsyville! (Will save that for another post.)

Then, I was thrilled to introduce Mark Chesnutt. He's an absolute legend. Backstage, moments before heading up to the mic, two things happened: 1) They handed me a list of things to read for his introduction (on the day my contacts were wreaking havoc with me), and 2) Josh Abbott himself came up to me to say he was coming out to introduce with me. I had no idea about that until the last second, but it all went super well and the crowd was awesome.

Finally, the whole evening ended with the big introduction of JAB Fest headliner, Josh Abbott Band. Backstage was complete wildness, with everyone running everywhere and the excitement really building.

Josh Abbott at JAB Fest 2016 (Photo: Khris Poage)

When it was time to get out for a joint intro, it was obvious the crowd just couldn't wait any longer. After the introduction, tons of fans swooped in for a group photo. It was one of the biggest things I've ever witnessed -- in the best possible way!

It all reminded me of the craziest thing that ever happened to me at a show. Back when I made introductions at the George Strait Country Music Festival at the Sun Bowl, a storm blew in and literally took the stage apart while the performance was in progress and I was in the wings. The lights went out and there was a mass evacuation.

So, I really am grateful that we had great weather at JAB Fest.

Thank you to all who were in the audience for your awesome participation. All the artists did a tremendous job and it was an awesome event. I hope, if your were not there, that our coverage of JAB Fest 2016 will help you feel like you were and that you will be able to make it out next year!


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