Nothing too much to read into here! or is there....? See the new music video for Chris Young's newest single, 'Aw Naw' inside!

Opinion time!

I think Chris Young could've been a little bit more creative with this song. Not sure why they decided to go 'the gas station' scene route, but oh well. It's not my music video!

This new single from Chris is the first song released to radio off of his fourth coming album. Chris Young is also on tour this summer with Brad Paisley and Lee Brice for the Beat This Summer Tour!

If you've not been too crazy about Chris in the past, you need to give this new album more careful consideration as he's been quoted saying that this new album is different than his others and the main focus was tempo!

See the music video now and don't forget that Blake is giving you a chance to see the Beat This Summer Tour in Dallas for another Summer Super Star Concert Series Prize Vacation!