The Texas Tech Athletic department is giving Red Raider fans a choice. Choose a game that will be designated as the "blackout" game this year.

If you remember last year Tech was pushing everyone to wear red to the game and there was great participation. We are the Red Raiders and there's going to be a "blackout" game?

Fans can go online and vote on one game in the upcoming season to be the "blackout" game. Fans will be asked to wear black to that game.

My thought is that red looks a lot better on t.v.,if this game is televised. If that game is during the day, let's hope the temperatures are cooler. I wouldn't want to be wearing black in the heat of the day.

I know red and black are the colors of Texas Tech, but we are the "red" raiders.

The main thing though is to blackout the opponent and win the game.