Each year these small and colorful birds make their home in the same corner of our house and not only do they rain terror on our cow-dog Sophie, these birds are the entertainment day and night for the two felines that reside with us. Both Yoda and Hemmi are mesmerized by these birds that dance and hover in front of them with only inches between them. Yes, it's a whole bunch of free entertainment at my place and almost never a dull moment.

Even more excitement reared its head a few days ago, as the trouble-maker birds decide to fill their nest with four new mouths to feed. That's right,  I said four brand new mouths to feed. If only I could give them names and use them as deductions. So now comes the argument, is it Mom, or is it Dad doing all the hard work it obviously takes to feed these new arrivals. My vote says that Dad brings home the bacon, yet the other side of the house begs to differ. Mom usually always serves up the unforgettable Sunday dinners, and yes, its Mom doing all the work. Watch the video, and you decide. By the way, we need names for our four new ones. Feel free to offer your suggestions here.