Carrie Underwood's new music video for 'Two Black Cadillacs' FINALLY made it's television and online premiere last night! It's dark and almost disturbing.... Like the Cadillac has a mind of its own.

We all knew this music video was going to be dark from the story of the song, but I think they took it to an all new level you weren't expecting!

'Two Black Cadillacs' is a story about two women, a wife and a mistress, who find out the wife's husband had been lying to both of them. So what's left to do, but unleash a fury the likes of which hell hath no?

My favorite part is at the VERY end, when we see the ladies might have enlisted a darker power than just wrath and revenge.... it's very eerie :) YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!

Tell me that's not a painted, reincarnation of Christine!