One small group of Iowa teen boys have decided that they are no longer going to sit idly by while cyber bullies take over their social networks. Instead, they formed a group on Twitter that they use to build their peers up and compliment!

Here's an act of kindness that I wish would spread like a viral wildfire everywhere!

It's always so sad to hear in the news about some teens who attempt to take their lives because they can't handle the peer pressure and cyber bullying, but all it takes is ONE person making the choice to change that to help make a difference.

That's what this Iowa student, Jeremiah Anthony, and his friends have decided to do. They've created a Twitter account called @westhighbros, solely for the purpose of Tweeted their peers at random and complimenting them to help build everyone up and not tear them down.

They even go as far as Tweeting their teachers to thank them and say nice things to them, too!

Blake gives you Westhighbros two thumbs way, WAY up! and I'm glad you fellas are brave enough to be kind in a world where it's so easy to just be rude and ugly. Y'all rock!

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