This year for the South Plains Fair, Blake would like to invite you to join us for our FREE comedy event featuring James Gregory! Get ticket/show details inside and see what all the buzz is about !

These days it's a little worrisome to take teens and younger kids to comedy shows because, understandably, most comedy acts have evolved to only be for older ears. James Gregory, however, is going to provide all who attend with some good 'ole good humored laughs!

James Gregory will be performing at the South Plains Fair on Wednesday, September 26th and your chance to win FREE tickets is EVERYDAY on 99.5 BlakeFM!!

Also, don't forget to become a Blake VIP member and get signed up to win tickets online!

Blake wants to help everyone get excited about the show, so you can see some of his acts below and be sure to listen all this week and next for your chance to win those tickets!