Last night, the cold front sang to me through my fireplace and this morning Jack Frost greeted me at the front door. We're expecting temperatures around 30 this weekend, with a chance of ice pellets and snow. Ok, so it's time to find the wool knee high socks and give it up to hat hair. Am I the only one that's getting shocked every time I touch something metal?

Here's the thing that always comes up whenever there's a chance of ice and snow...what do you use to scrape your car windows? I suspect it's because I grew up poor, or maybe I'm just cheap and lazy...but I refuse to buy an ice scraper. It's become an anxious tradition of mine to wait until I can't see out of my car windows and then dig through everything within reach to find something to clear just a big enough patch for me to  see the upcoming road  through...yes - this only happens when I am running late to wherever it is that I have to be. And yes, I was tossed out of Girl Scouts after eating all my customer's cookies.

So, as I write this, I am making a mental note to stop on my way home tonight and get an ice scraper...but I know I'll forget and thus, the tradition continues.

***Update*** As I was writing this, the freezing rain has begun.