Last week my daughter and I were fortunate enough to find a perfect place for a kid's birthday party with a "dance theme". And after following a few safety and cleanliness rules, the event was a success. We rented an area that the Lubbock Area Square and Round Dancers Federation uses at 120th and South University. The space is a huge, smoke-free and alcohol-free environment that's kept in immaculate order. The party we planned was for second graders (8 and 9 yr. olds) who loved the space!

Several years ago at a more expensive party we threw, we noticed that planned games, etc., went by the wayside when all the kids wanted to do was run, jump and just 'be free'. "Tag" was their favorite game. This year's event allowed them plenty of room to play as much Tag as they wanted. So, with just few kids drinks and cookies it was a satisfying event for all involved.

Square dancers have a big following here in Lubbock. The activity provides you plenty of exercise and your brain has to really focus as you move following the callers commands. There are other events happening out there as well. Every so often,they have Country-Western dance nights at just five dollars a person. They've got one coming up March 31. And they also offer Ballroom Dancing as well. Makes for a nice, inexpensive evening out and dancing on a real wooden dance floor. If you've got events you are planning, just might want to consider the space. For more information call 806-745-8290. It was like finding a diamond in the rough for us!