One name being tossed about to be a judge on "America's Got Talent" next season is the controversial shock-jock Howard Stern. Hmmmm. Now, that's something to mull over, huh? Howard, who'd be replacing Piers Morgan,won't confirm rumors that he's up for the job, but he does have family support. His wife, Beth Ostrosky, tells the Associated Press that he'd be tough like Simon Cowell. She sits next to him as they watch the reality competition and says, "first of all he loves the show and he is a great judge. He's very harsh, very fair...he's really brilliant at it...and would definitely be a Simon Judge."

Not everyone supports Howard Stern. According to this website, the Parents Television Council says he is not appropriate for the family-friendly series and they are urging NBC to vote him out of consideration.
What do you think? Are you in favor of and would you watch if Howard Stern's named a judge for "America's Got Talent"?