"Tea at Five", an evening with Katharine Hepburn, is a one woman stage show with tons of lines and yours truly is praying my methods for memorization hold up. In addition to walking my dog to clear my mind, I've been using other memorizing techniques that have been reliable in the past. Many years ago I watched a tv show on memorizing, and this guy was saying to remember person's name, like "Prince-Jones", try to visualize that person as a "prince". Visualization does play a big part in this production. For instance, in this two act play, about legendary actress Hepburn's filmwork, family and relationship with Spencer Tracy, to get the lines exact is most important. Ms. Hepburn, in her precise diction, tells tales of parties she had with Tracy, among other events. Using visualization of their Hollywood bungalow and of course remembering Spencer Tracy's unique face and acting style, plus adding relaxation to the mix, the lines move in the way they should. The author, Matthew Lombardo, who mainly took the lines from Hepburn's autobiography, offers an introspective into one of the world's most famous actresses using drama and some humor. And I hope you come see if I get it right because it's only one night, Saturday, April 9, at the Cactus Theatre in the Depot District.