And, it looks like today will make it 31 days as 100 is forecast for the high. The lack of rain combined with these hot temps make this year even more unique. 2011 has gone down on the National Weather Service records as the driest year since 1911, the year they starting keeping track!

Here are some other amazing stats that prove we're not in this alone in this 'heat battle'. USA Today says the highest temp ever recorded in the U.S. was at Death Valley, California on July 10, 1913 when it was 134 degrees. And still yet in El Azizie, Libya the world's highest temp was record on September 13, 1922 at 136 degrees! And the highest temperature ever reached in Lubbock was a record 114 degrees in June of 1994. The state's high on record happened in Seymour on August 12, 1936. They reached 120 degrees that afternoon! And, on a positive side, when you put all this is perspective, today's high seems to be on the cool side.