You probably have a dirty car after all the bad weather we've been having and the Coronado High School Football Teams need new gear and equipment.....Can you say CAR WASH!!! Stop by CHS TODAY to help our local boys out!

The Coronado High School Football program is a group of guys that are some of the, if not THE, most respectful group of young adults I've ever encountered. I met them all this past winter for a Walk 27 memorial event we participated in in honor of the Newtown kids.

Your breath would be taken away by the level of respect these guys carry for themselves and others. You don't want to let a great athletic program like this go unrewarded, especially when they're willing to offer up manual labor !

Today, June 20th, from 12noon-5pm stop by the Coronado High School to get your car washed to help them raise funds to buy football equipment and other items for their team for the upcoming season!

It's happen too often in the past that players have been critically injured playing the game they love in sub-par gear. We need to support our local team in this cause to help protect them from physical injury and to keep them playing and being apart of a program that teaches some of life's most valuable lessons.


June 20th




The Coronado HS Parking Lot on 34th and Vicksburg