His real name is Edward Garvin Futch. Record executives decided that was going to do, so they changed it to Eddy Raven. His music was influenced by the cajun sound from his home state of Louisiana , some blues and a some rock and roll.

Eddy Raven got to Nashville in the early 70's and with the help of Grand Ole Opry star Jimmy C. Newman, got a publishing deal. Although he was recording songs, Raven never had a hit song until the mid 80's.

While he was without a label, a song he had written called "Thank God For Kids" was recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys. It was a huge hit for them in 1982 and people in the business took notice of Raven.

He signed a contract with RCA Records and in 1984 they released the song "I Got Mexico". It would become Raven's first Number One song.
Through rest of the 80's he continued to have Number One songs with "Shine, Shine, Shine", "I'm Gonna Get You", "Joe Knows How To Live", "In A Letter to You" and "Bayou Boys".

Eddy Raven on today's "retro rack"