Tonight's going to ROCK!!! Time to get all dressed up and get all that Halloween candy! But parents that also means it's time to refresh your kids minds on some safety tips to really help the night go off without a stitch. Get all your safety details inside.

Tonight, if you have kids, they will be doing a lot of things that you would usually tell them not to do like crossing several streets and talking to strangers.

Let's face it, it's hard to know EVERYONE in your town so avoiding strangers and moving cars is hard to do on Halloween, but we've got some helpful tips to keep in mind while Trick or Treating tonight!

1. Flashlights are essential, especially if you plan to let your child continue to Trick or Treat after dark.

2. Parental Supervision is REQUIRED! You can't prevent mishaps for your child if they are left unattended to roam on their own. Not to mention, even if you may think that your child is old enough to go alone that also means they're old enough to contemplate the 'Trick' part of Trick or Treating.

3. Keep your kids visible! Glow sticks are awesome and come in tons of fun colors and the best part? This can be something that your kids think is FUN and it also is a bonus that it helps keep them visible in their costumes while running around tonight.

4. If you don't know the house or the people living there, it's NEVER a good idea to go inside!! You never know these days, right?

5. Avoid houses that are not well lit and have closed doors. Mostly, because you don't want your child to stray into a dark spot where they can potentially be napped, but also because not everyone gets into the Halloween spirit. They don't want to be disturbed and you don't want to waste your precious time at a dud house. Halloween only happens ONCE a year!

6. Last thing, have your child memorize your cell phone number and home address so that in the event that you do get separated from your child, they know what number to call and where they need to go.


We found a video online that might also be helpful material for you to see. The bottom line is just to always be aware of your surrounds and use common sense!

Hope you have a safe, Happy Halloween Lubbock!