A marketing company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Bam Marketing and Media, wants to offer walking tours of the bars where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer hung out and nabbed his prey. For $25 two people can walk the one mile, 90 minute tour, "a spine-chilling glimpse" into Dahmer's life. Dahmer, convicted in 1991 of killing 17 young men, some of who he mutilated and cannibalized, was eventually beaten to death in prison in 1994. Tours of this kind are not unusual, with Jack the Ripper's hangouts in London and in Los Angeles, Charles Manson, and the Boston Strangler, in Boston

The Milwaukee neighborhood group in opposition however says Dahmer's life and death are too recent. Even though the marketing company has promised to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity, the opposing group says the crimes are only two decades old and many family members of the victims are still around. An alderman for the city says the city cannot stop the tours because organizers are using public spaces and they are protected by free speech laws.

The organizers added that it was thought enough time had passed to look at the crimes objectively. It appears to be "a go", but don't look for their local tourism group, VISIT Milwaukee to promote it.