With today being St. Patrick's Day - I'm fairly certain that many of you will be celebrating with a pint or two of GREEN beer!  Be warned - like coffee and sodas, green beer can stain your teeth!

Last year, LiveScience.com posted an article about the effects Green Beer could have on your teeth.  And the bottom line is this - if you drink too much of it and you are not the most reliable person when it comes to getting regular teeth cleanings from your dentist - well, you might wake up March 18th with stained teeth!

You the mouth rinse that dentists give children to "color" the areas that children are missing when they brush their teeth?  Well, Dr. Joesph Roberts - a Philadelphia dentist - states the following:

The green food coloring that is added to the beer stains the bacterial cell walls in plaque.  So if his/her smile is looking all green, it’s probably not just the beer.

EWH!!!  GROSS!!!

So listen up kids - if you do not practice good dental hygiene & plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a green beer, keep these few things in mind:

  1. That is disgusting and you need to brush your damn teeth and go see a dentist!
  2. The green dye in the food coloring used to make green beer will attach to the bacteria on the plaque buildup on your teeth and stain your teeth!
  3. To lessen the discoloration of your teeth - brush your teeth and use mouthwash at the end of your green beer drinking binge before the food coloring sets into the plaque you're sporting and you wake up March 18th with green teeth!